Bio: It is true that I do not have a Ph.D. This is often the first thing I am criticized for and I will respond to that by pointing out a few things. First, to all the atheists, Hitchens does not have a Ph.D., or even A degree. My education crushes his, yet many consider him a “legit” source of knowledge. Second, I am not talking about anything that requires the knowledge of a Ph.D. The stuff I am talking about is mostly introductory and survey level stuff, with the exception of my more advanced classes (which are still mostly undergrad courses.) Third, my education is broad, but also focuses specifically on the issues at hand. Before I get into my education, I will talk about my personal life… I am married and have 2 children, two boys. My wife is a nurse (RN.) She has her R.N. and received her BS in Nursing from St. Catherine's University with a minor in Theology. She started in Med Surge but currently works in OB. She plans on getting her Doctorates from Georgetown University. We were both raised Christian (Protestant: Lutheran) but now consider ourselves agnostic, though we plan to raise the kids Christian. Both of our boys have been baptized and will be raised in the Christian tradition because it is important to our families. We are both agnostics, but our opinions differ. Our conclusions are “we cannot know” with our current science and technology. Our opinion, if forced to make a guess, is atheism for me, and deism/theism for her, though neither of us claim that this view is correct or scientifically supported, simple an opinion based on either personal experience or evidence available. I joined the US Air Force (active duty) straight out of high school, and was active duty for four years. I was stationed at Ramstein AFB, in Germany, for two years and Langley AB, in Virginia, for two years. After my four years of active duty, I transitioned to the Air National Guard, and have been doing that for about six years. During that time, I deployed to Kyrgyzstan and the United Arab Emirates. At both bases we worked with the nationals and took trips off base, allowing us to interact with the population. Education… I do have an AA in Hotel, Fitness, and Restaurant Management from Air University (commonly called the CCAF degree,) but that does not offer anything to this blog. I majored in both History and Religious Studies, with a minor in Jewish Studies. I did have majors in Ancient Mediterranean Studies and Education. For more in depth details, you can read more about me here... https://stern255.wordpress.com/2014/04/15/about-me/

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