Stop Being an Angry Atheist!

I have not done a blog in a while but I came across a great topic…atheists that are always angry for no reason. Some are just so angry…I’m surprised their head does not explode every time they look down at their money…

I will start by saying there are certainly things atheists should be upset about but I will limit this to US politics. There are things we should be upset about such as creationism (intelligent design, or whatever you want to call it) being taught in science classrooms, gays not being allowed their Constitutional right of marriage, and really any LAW being passed on because of religious beliefs. These are legitimate reasons to be upset, but so many atheists are offended by things that do not matter. I will explain why they do not matter, but first, I will list a few of them…

-In God We Trust on our money
-The Ten Commandments outside a court house
-Swearing in on a Bible
-“Merry Christmas”
-Any religious symbols
-And Thanksgiving

The last one is what led to me creating this blog post. I read the following blog. I will post the link to it but I must warn you about the content on other blogs. The blog directly above it shows a naked man and the blog itself is pretty hate filled.

Here is the entire post…

“Today people all over the USA will be feasting over their tables, stuffing their already fat asses until they can’t walk. All this because of a holiday instituted to thank “God” for things. Really? Do we really need this holiday? We know there are not magical sky fairies up in the sky. There is no one to thank because we do things ourselves. No sky fairies come down to help us, cure us, teach us and so on.

The holiday supposedly originates with the Pilgrims who were a bunch of prude Christians from the Puritan cult. This is the same cult who killed women believing them to be witches (Salem). We are taught that they made friends with the Native Americans and had this feast. But we know they slaughtered the Natives of this nation, robbing them of their land.
This is fucked up! Also, President Obama “pardoned” turkeys at the White House making the sign of the cross with his hand as if he were the pope! What the fuck?? This is endorsing a religion by the Commander in Chief!”

Seriously? Are we that upset about it? Why? I personally enjoy Thanksgiving because I have a family and our family enjoys getting together. I get to talk politics, religion, and conspiracy theories with Uncle Bill and I get to take pictures of my kids with their cousins. It also allows me to cook a dish for the family and watch football all day on a Thursday. Does my family pray before they eat? Yes they do…and I do not pray because I do not believe in God. I sit quietly for 10-15 seconds while they do because it is the respectful thing to do.

What does Thanksgiving really mean? I do agree it is not an EVENT we should celebrate, but let’s be honest, Thanksgiving is about consumerism. Stores typically open on Thanksgiving and stay open though Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. That is then followed by Cyber Monday. It is not about sitting around and worshiping the Christian God.

The atheist in the blog post is so upset the President pardons a turkey to do a blog post about it? My response to that and the other things I listed above is…who cares?

Is it technically promoting religion? One could make that argument and I am sure a number of atheists would enjoy plugging up our court systems to make it. But why? By a show of hands, who has actually watched the Presidential pardon of the Turkey? That’s what I thought…of the few people that have watched it how many felt deep religious meaning behind it? I am willing to bet nearly every Christian just shrugs it off and did not think of religion at all. The only people that feel something religious towards it are the atheists that are so offended by it.

In God We Trust on our money…who cares? It still spends the same. Put a picture of the devil or Mickey Mouse on it, I could really care less. Atheists act like a person is going to look down at their dollar bill and be sucked into Christianity.

The Ten Commandments outside a court house…who cares? Are those the laws of our nation, no, it is about as relevant as a statue of Richard Dawkins outside a court house would be.

Swearing in on a Bible…who cares? Like someone is or is not going to tell the truth because, Jesus…You tell the truth because perjury is a crime…or you lie because you do not want to go to prison. The President is sworn in on a Bible…yes, to run our secular government…

Merry Christmas…if you are upset when someone says that to you, you are an asshole. That is the same when someone says “God bless you” or “I’ll pray for you.” They are wishing you well, showing empathy, or giving you their support. If you cannot see that or are offended by that, you are an asshole. Seriously, did someone spank you too many times as a kid in the name of Jesus?

Religious symbols…who cares? I am talking about the people that complain EVERY TIME they see any type of religious symbolism ANYWHERE. Get over it, you do not have the right to not be offended. If you are allowed to hold up “God hates fags” signs at a military funeral, I’ll put up my damn Nativity scene.

The thing is that for most of these things the only people feeling religious significance from them are atheists. Are some of them technically unconstitutional? Yes, but who cares? The only people they affect are the uptight, angry atheists. We should focus on important issues that actually affect people and society, things like marriage equality and keeping religion out of science class.

Here is the thing the angry atheists do not realize (well do, but ignore it…) You do not have the right to not be offended and you do not have freedom FROM religion.

Contrary to popular belief the United States IS a CHRISTIAN nation…it is ALSO a SECULAR nation. It was also FOUNDED as a CHRISTIAN nation and a SECULAR nation. We have something called a separation of church and state (which I am sure most atheists have thrown in the face of Christians a time or two,) which means we can be both secular AND religious.
Around 75% of Americans are Christian (with another 5% being religious.) If 75% of a country’s population were 75% atheists, we would call it an atheist nation.

The United States was also founded as a Christian nation. The vast majority of the groups that came here were Christians. They were different sects or denominations of Christianity that came here to escape religious persecution in Europe. The people were Christian.

The Founding Fathers also had Christian influences. Many of the Founding Fathers were Christians and believed religion played an important role in society (not necessarily in government.) There is one thing none of the Found Fathers were…atheists. Thomas Paine is most frequently pointed to as being an atheist, but he was a deist, like the rest of the Founding Fathers. Deism by definition is the opposite of atheism but before you object, please read the next paragraph.

One thing is certain…the United States was founded as a SECULAR nation (and a Christian nation.) The Founding Fathers came out of Enlightenment Philosophy and secularism. I have heard many atheists argue that Enlightenment Philosophy and deism were the REJECTION of Christianity. This is simply false. Many people rejected the Church or aspects of Christianity, such as Jesus’ divinity and the Resurrection, but the deist god was certainly the Christian God. In any case deism, by definition, is the opposite of atheism. Either way, all of this came out of a Christian culture and had Christian influences.

This was not a country founded by atheists, but by Christians and deists using Enlightenment Philosophy to establish a nation with a SECULAR government. It was never intended to be an atheist nation or a “religion free” nation, simply that religion was not supposed to be in the government.

This is a Christian nation and you are FREE to be an atheist, but you do not have the right to not be offended. If that is too difficult for you, I suggest you move to an atheist nation.

The whole point is that atheists should put their time towards things that actually mean something and stop being angry for the simple excuse to be angry about stuff that does not matter. When you complain about every little thing it makes you lose credibility on legitimate topics. People think “just another atheists complaining about nothing.” Stop shooting yourself in the foot…


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