A Convo about Sharia Law

I decided to make this a blog post so that I could post the pictures. This came out of a Twitter conversation regarding Islam as law in Muslim countries…

To expand, it is not that my views are peaceful, it is that this is the way to create progress. Violence has never created peace. I am all for condemning fundamentalists but often those fighting against the fundamentalists are moderates of the same religion. Look at the Middle East right now. Who is fighting against the radical Muslims? With the exception of the US intervention, it is Muslims. We need to prop these people up, make them allies, not vilify them. People like Sam Harris are wrong, moderate religion does not breed fundamentalism. The Islamic Empire used to lead the world in science and philosophy. We have the ancient Greek texts today because of Muslims. Fundamentalism destroyed all of that. Moderates are obviously capable of logic, reason, and secular societies.

To your most recent tweet…

No, I am not wrong. Just because they share some aspect of Sharia law in their governing system does not mean that is the law of the land. As defined in the picture, some of those countries only use Sharia law in more personal things, such as marriage. This is due to cultural reasons, which were a big part in the make-up of religion. Why are their different branches of Islam? It is due to culture. We see this in the United States, especially with the gay marriage argument. It is entirely religious and many of our laws are based on religion, yet many would argue the United States is very secular.

As for the countries shown in the map, how many of them have had female leaders? A lot of them have. Yet Saudi Arabia is very oppressive towards women. Who is right and who is wrong? Is there a right or wrong? One of the countries highlighted is the United Arab Emirates. They are very secular and have women in a lot of their highest positions. Women even walk around in bikinis.

Picture 316Picture 303

Is this a violation of Sharia law?

I am not condoning the horrible ways places like Saudi Arabia implement it but I have been to countries highlighted in your picture and your vision is very skewed. Shall we look at your picture more closely?

Too add to the debate, you just sent me this picture…


To start, these two picture completely contradict each other. In the first picture, countries in the green color… “Members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation where sharia plays no role in the judicial system.”

In your second picture, in the orange, it states that converting a Muslim is a crime. How is converting a Muslim a crime when Sharia law plays no role in the judicial system? Maybe the people made these laws based on their religious or cultural views, but they are not supported by the judicial system, according to your sources.

Here is another picture…

According to this picture and your pictures, Sharia law is stricter in many Muslim MINORITY countries. Ethiopia, for example, is a Christian majority country, yet it follows Sharia law? This is due to a point I have made in other blog posts…this is a cultural thing, not a religious thing. People claim female genital mutilation is a Muslim problem, yet it is a problem in Ethiopia, a Christian country.

Let’s go back to your first picture again…



(Green) Members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation where sharia plays no role in the judicial system. Muslims are a minority in some OIC nations.

(Yellow) Countries where Sharia applies in personal status issues (such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, and child custody).

(Purple) Countries where Sharia applies in full, covering personal status issues as well as criminal proceedings.

(Orange) Regional variations in the application of sharia

The only countries that practice Sharia law in full (according to your sources) are the ones in purple, or not the majority. This is a smoking gun and PROVES Islam and religion is not the driving force in most Muslim countries. Posting those two pictures together is done either out of propaganda or ignorance because neither one of them is representative of those countries.


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