Where are the Conservatives and Atheists When it Comes to North Korea?

When we were first considering bombing ISIS I was against it. I said we need to stay out of the Middle East. Many people, usually Conservatives, tried to take the moral high ground and tell me what horrible people the people in ISIS were. Atheists also make the argument that Islam is the problem. I make the argument we should have never gone to war in the first place with Iraq but Conservatives tell me what a horrible person Saddam was.

Obviously Conservatives and atheists want to validate any military action by saying “they are bad people” and “Islam is bad.” They want to be the world police. But I ask you this…If you hold the moral high ground, if you are ridding the world of evil, I ask you, where the hell are you when it comes to North Korea?

Here is a bit about a former body guard for Kim Jong Il.


In the article he talks about how this family rules based on fear, that they will simply cut people’s head’s off when they are having a bad day. This does not come as news to anyone with moderate knowledge of what is going on in our world. This is not new. Here is the Wikipedia page on their prisons…


The UN has compared North Korea to Nazi Germany, some say it is worse…


In addition to this North Korea has poked fun at us by advertising it is testing nuclear missiles.

Nuclear weapons and human rights violations comparable to the holocaust, and you are silent on the issue? If you are going to take the moral high ground and validate our need to bomb the Middle East, you need to answer, where the hell are you on this? Are you simply ignorant on this topic because the media is not spreading their Islam propaganda? Maybe you need to rely less on propaganda to support your wars.


One thought on “Where are the Conservatives and Atheists When it Comes to North Korea?

  1. Yet another case of “pick and choose”. They “pick and choose” which of the Biblical verses will apply to their lives (actually, mostly other people’s lives), and truthfully do the same according to which translation (used *very* loosely here) they wish to draw from, depending upon what “modern scholars” have skewed it to say….so why not do the same to this situation? Well, because THIS guy will fight back and fight dirty. We only go after those we feel we can justify and contain.

    Good grief, I’m turning into a radical 70s activist in my old age, and I hold you partially responsible. 😉

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